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Trust your vacation to the leading operator in the Red Sea

Safety standards

Built by diver for divers, Royal Evolution is build according to SOLAS and under the full survey of International Surveyor “Bureau Veritas” as a passenger vessel with highest notation “ Multis cross Hull & Machinery”, as well the “Load line Certificate” which allow us to do short international voyages between two countries.

Team of professionals

Your dive vacation is assured with 14 competent & very well trained crew members & the guidance of three experienced dive guides

Exclusive experiences

We have been leading exploration & expedition trips in the Red Sea region since 1996, we are the only Liveaboard operating extended Two weeks to Sudan & deep south Sudan trips out from Port Ghalib – Egypt

About Royal Evolution

At 39 meters / 130ft in length and 8.6m / 28.6ft beam, this steel mono hull vessel cruises up to 13 knots at the entire Red Sea water. Offering accommodation for 24 passengers in 2 double and 10 twin share cabins, all air-conditioned and with ensuites. A team of 17 crew members is committed to ensure your outstanding experience aboard Royal Evolution.

Powered by two heavy duty rating 1100 hp Cummins propulsion engines combined by massive 40.000 litre of fuel capacity, she has a huge operation range of 2000 Nautical Miles with 10% reserve.

Built with an ultimate attention to safety standards, advanced technology, materials & insulation to reduce noise and vibration on board, we have worked hard to build our reputation as professionals in a luxury liveaboard diving, delivering superb services to our guests for many years.

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Why dive on liveaboard in the Red Sea

Without any doubt the Red Sea is considered as one of the most beautiful center of attraction for sea and underwater lovers & one of the best dive destination in the world, coming on the top of the wishing list for any diver.

The Red Sea is unique in several aspects: among them, its uniform temperature distribution at the surface and at different depths. At the surface the temperature range from 26 to 30 degrees Celsius, at a depth of 40 m. the range is still between 21 to 25 degrees, this’s actually one of the big advantage allowing the divers to dive any time all year round. 

As well the advantage of its high degree of visibility which reaches up to 45 m which make the Red Sea an ideal place for scuba divers & as well as the underwater photographers & videographers.

One of the most magnificent features of the Red Sea, are its beautiful coral reefs and to be more precisely, their skeletons, which are the main components of which the reefs are built. 

Different kind of corals exist in different areas of the reef, the distribution of corals & their stunning colours reflects a breath-taking for all the divers. 

It’s the home of more than 300 coral species and more than 1000 fish species.

Also, it has to be noted that the Red Sea contains the largest collection of sea life (Hard & Soft corals, Marine Life & lot of ship wrecks).

The dive sites in the Red Sea are distributed on most of the coast line, some of the dive sites can be accessible from the shore, other dive sites are reachable by day diving boats, other dive sites can be reached only by live aboard such the offshore islands in Egypt as the Brothers, Deadalus, Rocky, Zabargad island & St.John area in the deep south of Egypt & of course Sudan.