Elba Reef is a triangle-shaped reef in the northern Part of Sudan, at the border to Egypt. It’s part of three reefs that we call the Elba Region.

It has a long north plateau that starts at around 20 meters depth and drops to it´s northern tip to round 45 meters. Plenty of huge coral fans are at the edge of the plateau. Quite often you can spot some big pelagics here, such as grey reef sharks and even hammerheads. Best conditions are in the mild north current, where you might start your dive from the back of the boat. If mooring is not possible according to the weather conditions it would be a dive by the zodiac.

The eastern wall has plenty of cracks, overhangs and inlets that are full of soft coral.

The south plateau is a bit shorter, with some huge pinnacles. It started as well at around 20 meters and slopes down to 45 meter too. The eastern and western sides drop quite steep to more than 100 meters in depth.

In the shallow part of the reef is a beautiful cave system at the eastern edge. Starting at around 8 meters depth. Best diving at the south plateau for sure at south current.