The wreck of Levanzo is located at the eastern reef of the Elba region. The dive should start by the Zodiac, to be dropped straight on top of the wreck. The stern with the Propeller is the first to reach at a depth of 22m.

As the wreck is upside down a penetration is not the easiest one, but you can dive under the wreck in some areas. It’s nicely covered with plenty of huge black corals and soft corals. The broken part is at a depth of around 40 meters, where the dive ends for recreational diving. The maximum is at round 65 meters. There is plenty of marine life to be found at the wreck. Such as big groupers, schooling trevally and other marine life.

You either finish your dive ascending at the rope placed at the prop or continue along the reef to shallow up and do your safety stop along the main reef. It has nice coral blocks too. Then you might end your dive at the mooring boat.