One of the big advantage of St.John area is the few liveaboards visiting this area, as usually most of them are staying only one or one day & half maximum.

With warm, crystal clear waters and amazing sights to be seen including caves, coral reefs and beautiful tropical fish, there is a whole underwater world just waiting to be explored when we go to St. John

Actually, St John’s has fabulous diving. Stunning coral plus large shoals of fish, turtles, dolphins and sharks. It’s a collection of small reefs in the far south of Egypt covering around 290 km2.

St. John’s reefs is liying on a Bay, directly south of the Peninsula of Ras Banas and close to the Sudanese border, and offer a great diversity of diving environments.

The highlights of diving the Red Sea’s Deep South include some terrific coral walls and gardens, including a mix of both soft and hard coral formations, plenty of tunnels and caves, and great visibility. Probably the best in the Red Sea

Reef & fish life is still untouched and the deep walls and currents at some of the dive sites attract grey reef, hammerhead, Oceanic & sometimes thresher sharks, as well as other predator fish such as barracuda and jacks.