This is an island 18 sm north of the Eritrean border . The morning dive takes place on the eastern side, where small plateau extends into the blue, the first part of the dive in blue, where usually a huge school of hammerhead and many grey reef sharks come very curiously.

Back to the plateau where under table corals huge sweet lips fish next to sleepy white tip shark and many different snapper species are all over the place.

Further south-east there is a large amount of fishes, the reef wall is rich with black corals, This place certainly one of the most remarkable dive places in Sudan, the afternoon dive, take place on west side of the island where millions of surgeon fishes, along the beautiful drop off slowly swimming with schools of jack fish, tuna and barracudas.

The reef is incredibly beautiful, hard, soft corals and unknown coral species cover the reef wall.

And safety stop always will be accompanied with few young silky sharks.