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The Red Sea Paradise for Cruises S.A.E and its M/S Royal Evolution are committed to providing the ultimate in complete safety, comfort, style and services for our passengers.
Over many years of cruising, starting with the first vessel the M/Y Royal Emperor back in 1996, we have built trust and great feedback from thousands of diving passengers traveling with us since the very beginning.

Chairman and Managing Director Yasser El Moafi has been leading exploration, diving and cruises in the region since 1996, starting diving & guiding in 1980 in Hurghada when there were only three diving centers operating in the whole area with no even daily boats. The only boats available at that time were small fisherman boats which were used for daily & short diving trips.

With a strong explorational spirit, bearing in mind the divers’ needs, the company has made a plan to built its first Diving Vessel according to international standards with first class facilities and a new concept of service standards. Our first baby, a 29 m long M/Y Royal Emperor was one of the pioneering vessels operating in the Red Sea area exploring new itineraries, discovering more diving spots which have become highlights and have been promoted to the World’s famous dive sites.

April 7, 1999 we were the first visiting the Brothers Islands in the middle of the Red Sea commercially after the reopening

December 29, 2000 we were the first making the new itinerary now known as the Brothers, Daedalus & Elphinstone or “Simply the Best” in only one week

November 30, 2001 we were the first making the Deep South Egyptian Red Sea water “Exploration & Expedition” trip till Halayeb Island on the Sudanese border

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We always remember how important a good strong work ethic is and how important our guests are to us. We’d like to say “thank you” to those of you who are going to travel with us for the first time and welcome back home our repetitive guests. You arrive as a guest & leave as a friend! Pretty simple, but from the heart. Welcome aboard and be ocean-minded

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