Diving the pristine Red Sea Sudanese waters has never been easier than today, hop aboard the luxurious Royal Evolution liveaboard from Port Ghalib in the South of Egypt and enjoy a comfortable, safe and remarkable journey.

Royal Evolution is the only liveaboard in the Red Sea offering diving trips to Sudan departing from Port Ghalib (Egypt). Those were the first trips to be done officially between Egypt & Sudan with permission from the Egyptian & the Sudanese authorities. So it’s considered as a short international voyage according to the maritime international rules (taking passengers from one country to another).
Trips are extended 2 weeks long adventures that take you through the most fascinating dive sites in the Southern part of Egyptian Red Sea right to the untouched wild underwater nature of Sudanese part. This itinerary is really convenient logistically as Egypt is a much easier destination to travel to.

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Diving and Marine Life

Unlike many popular diving destinations, Sudan features truly unspoiled marine life, healthy shark population, massive schools of fish, virgin coral reefs and vivid underwater scenery. Diving conditions here are more extreme here compared to the Egyptian part of the Red Sea, so Sudan definitely tends to be the destination for more experienced divers.
Not only does Sudan stand out with the beauty of its underwater landscapes, but also the area carries the vast history as a research platform. The world’s famous Precontinent II a.k.a Conshelf at Sha’ab Rumi off Sudan was built as an underwater “research village” carried out by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his team in 1963. This was a pioneering research project conceived by the legendary marine explorer. Five divers lived on Conshelf II for a month to examine the physiological and psychological effects of living underwater.
The best time to dive in Sudan is from February to June. The months from February to April are also known as a hammerhead season.

Get ready for some thrilling shark dives! So what species of sharks do we see? Always lots of grey reef sharks – and unlike the grey in Egypt, they don’t mind people around them so they are happy to hang around. White tip reef sharks are also common but rarely get to be noticed because of the Hammerheads, the Silkies, the Silvertips, the Tiger, the Lemon Shark and the Whale Sharks (in decreasing likelihood of sightings). However, it has to be noted that recently and due to the world’s climate change on some trips we found the water temperature very warm which affects seeing the big actions we were used to. Our dive guides are doing their best in order to show you what you are looking for and to meet your expectation from such an itinerary & we always cross our fingers at the beginning of the trip to have the most enjoyable encounters. We should also remember to be realistic as we are searching for animal encounters in the big blue in the most wild and natural environment.

Sudan 2 weeks from Egypt Program

Day 1 Port Ghaleb – Embarkation – Sailing at Night to Fury Shoal or St.John reef.
Day 2 Check dive at Fury Shoal or St.John reef. Diving the whole day. Sailing after a night dive to Shalalat reef.
Day 3 Early morning dive at Shalalat reef. Sailing to Port Sudan.
Day 4 Arriving early morning to Port Sudan for Visa Registration & local taxes payment (approx 2 - 3 hours), sailing to Umbria wreck for one or two day dives, one night & possible 2nd night dive after dinner.
Day 5 Diving the whole day at Sanganeb reef (North & South plateau).
Day 6 Early morning dive at North plateau of Sanganeb reef, then sailing to Shaab Rumi for second dive at “Cousteau Conshelf” and night dive.
Day 7 Diving the whole day Shaab Rumi. Sailing early morning to Shaab Suadi.
Day 8 Early morning & morning dives at the Blue Belt (Toyota Wreck), third dive at the northern plateau of Shab Suadi, sailing at night to Angarosh reef.
Day 9 Diving the whole day at Angarosh reef. P.S : Sailing to Mesherifa for an afternoon dive & overnight (only in October for the Manta season)
Day 10 Sailing to Abington reef, diving the whole day, night dive and overnight.
Day 11 Sailing to Merlo reef, diving the whole day, night dive and overnight.
Day 12 Sailing early morning to Angarosh reef for 2 dives then Sailing to St. John's reef.
Day 13 Depending on weather conditions and arrival time (one or two dives) at St. John's reef , sailing to White Rock for afternoon & last dive, sailing to Port Ghalib.
Day 14 Port Ghalib – disembarkation & last night hotel.

Sudan Deep South, Suakin Group from Egypt Program

Day 1 Port Ghaleb embarkation, sailing at night to Fury Shoal or St. John's.
Day 2 Diving the whole day at Fury Shoal or St. John's, sailing after night dive to Shalalat.
Day 3 Morning dive at Shalalat, sailing to Port Sudan.
Day 4 Arriving early morning to Port Sudan for Visa Registration & local taxes payment (approx 2 - 3 hours), sailing to Umbria wreck for one or two day dives. Sailing after night dive to the Deep South “Dahret Abid”.
Day 5 Diving the whole day at Dahret Abid and Habili Abid & overnight.
Day 6 Diving the whole day at Dahret Darraka, Dahret Ghab and Habili Ghab & overnight.
Day 7 Diving the whole day at Protector reef, Hindi Gidir and Seil Ada & overnight.
Day 8 Diving the whole day at Shaab Anbar, Habili Qaseer (PINACOLO) and Jumna, sailing at night to Sanganeb reef.
Day 9 Morning & Mid-afternoon dives at Sanganeb North & South plateau, sailing to Shaab Rumi for afternoon & Night dive.
Day 10 Morning & mid-afternoon dives at Shaab Rumi, sailing to Shaab Suadi (Blue Belt wreck) for afternoon & night dive.
Day 11 Sailing early morning to Merlo reef for morning dive, sailing to Angarosh and Abington for mid-afternoon, afternoon & night dive.
Day 12 Sailing early morning to Shaab El Hara for morning dive, then sailing to Abu Fanadir (North part of Sudan) for mid-afternoon & afternoon dives, sailing to St. John's.
Day 13 Arriving early morning to St. John's for morning & mid-afternoon dives, then sailing to White Rock for afternoon & last dive. Sailing to Port Ghalib.
Day 14 Arriving at Port Ghalib around 7:00 am & disembarkation (around 11:00AM).

TOP Dive Sites

Abington Reef

Marked by a lighthouse, the reef just breaks out to the surface. It is rectangular with strong currents to be found. If you like turtles then Abington reef is the place where you are likely to see these inquisitive creatures. They are truly delightful and seem to always enjoy having their photograph taken! The reef is also well known to see schooling hammerhead sharks

Angarosh Reef

Angarosh means ‘Mother of Sharks’ and is appropriately named because of the number of sharks to be found in this area. Angarosh has two plateaus, the shallower plateau is going down to 25 m and another plateau comes to 45 m depth. Angarosh is a superb dive site to see and take pictures of sharks as they swim effortlessly around you side to side with schooling barracuda and the most famous encounters of Manta Rays.

Shaab Rumi

Some 25 miles North East from Port Sudan the reef is built of a plateau at 9 m and a steep drop-off.
This is where Jacques Yves Cousteau and his team mounted an underwater base in order to study the effects of long term underwater stays of a diver once he was fully saturated with all the gases in his body. Hence the underwater expedition called ‘Precontinent II’ was set up in 1963. The incredible outcome of this expedition was that once fully saturated, the diver could conceivably stay down forever given enough air to breath but what is truly incredible is that this experiment took place in 1963 by scientists who obviously had knowledge well beyond their years. The Conshelf itself is still at this site and it is well worth a dive to take a look at the equipment which was left behind.
South of Sha’ab Rumi is a plateau at about 23 m deep. Here you will find numerous sharks, barracudas, jack fish, humphead parrot fish and almost anything else that you can imagine! Sha’ab Rumi is a ‘must’ for all visitors!


Sanganeb is located about 1.5 hours north of Umbria. This reef rises from 800m depth to the surface. The Sanganeb coral reef is truly a beautiful place to dive or snorkel. The reef itself has one of the richest coral displays in the Red Sea. The British-built lighthouse is situated on the reef and there are caves and gullies for divers to visit just close by. There are two Sudanese men taking care of the lighthouse (they rotate every 4/5 weeks). You are welcome to climb to the top of the lighthouse and look out over the coral reef which is crystal clear and is just an incredible sight to see. Every person who has climbed the lighthouse comes back with a different number of stairs that they have climbed – they never seem to agree on the number of stairs that are in the lighthouse
You do not have to dive deeply to see the rich sea life and this is why Sanganeb is also great for snorkelling. The South plateau on Sanganeb is a fabulous dive where soft and hard corals with schooling Jack, Barracuda, Tuna and Snapper are abundant. Grey reef sharks cruise close by you with the occasional White Tip reef shark swimming by. There are occasional Hammerheads, Silky and Oceanic White Tips here as well Manta rays for the most lucky ones.
The North Plateau is an outstanding dive. This is a deep dive with a lower plateau at 45m where schooling Hammerheads are commonly seen. It is normal to see Grey Reef Sharks, Silvertips and White tips here. Where the boat anchors inside the lagoon there is often a huge pod of dolphins and it is normal to snorkel with them.

Dahred Abid

This is a small island 20nm north of the Eritrean border and 30nm east of the Sudanese shore line. The dive starts at the north eastern tip where a great reef wall slopes steeply into the abyss from a depth of 2m. If the current permits the first part of the dive is spent out in the blue where a great school of scalloped hammerheads usually cruises by when there are divers in the water. Just above 30m at the reef wall there is a small collapsed balcony that hosts the most spectacular hard and soft coral formations. This natural balcony is also home for lots of schooling reef fish from humpback snapper to giant sweet lip. White tip reef sharks thrilled by divers head down south east, the wall however has more surprises, black coral formations are all over the place and schooling longfin batfish!

Dahred Ghab

This is another small island bigger than Dahret Abid located 12 nm to the north. In the south west point a lovely reef wall slopes gently to 20 m forming an elongated sandy bank to around 25 m. Then a hard coral formation rises up to 20 m then steeps into the abyss at the 30 m mark. The sandy bank is a playground for some big dogtooth tuna and barracuda, at the drop off a solo great hammerhead may pass by and check out the divers. This lovely plateau is full of a variety of schooling fish and a small resident school of bump head parrot fish!

Shaab Ambar

Shaab Ambar is a massive reef system stretching over 5 nm with a lagoon in the middle which is perfect for a night dive at overnight mooring. In the south east lies a very nice plateau, a wide sandy area where a mild current occurs and features the shoals of unicorn surgeonfish, great barracudas that are coming to catch the smaller fish and the giant dogtooth tuna herding their youngsters here. There are garden eels and small white tip reef sharks. At the drop off when the current is stronger it can be luckily rewarded with the super stars, schooling scalloped hammerheads and odd grey reef sharks!