Diving in Egypt

Without any doubt the Red Sea is considered as one of the most beautiful centers of attraction for sea and underwater lovers & one of the best dive destinations in the world, coming on the top of the wishing list for any diver.

Here we’ll highlight the best diving spots to discover in Egyptian waters. Starting from Port Ghalib we’ll be discovering the beauty of deep waters at Brother Islands, Elphinstone, Rocky and Zabargad Islands.
Not only will we offer the spots that are well known and loved by all divers for many years now, we will be also going beyond everybody’s expectations and discovering the most southern spot on the Sudanian border – Elba Reef!
We start our trip from Port Ghalib, just 10 min by bus from Marsa Alam airport and 220 km south of Hurghada airport (around 3 hours by bus).

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Diving and Marine Life

The Red Sea is unique in several aspects: among them, its uniform temperature distribution at the surface and at different depths. At the surface the temperature ranges from 26 to 30 degrees Celsius, at a depth of 40 m. the range is still between 21 to 25 degrees, this is actually one of the big advantages allowing the divers to dive any time all year round.
As well the advantage of its high degree of visibility which reaches up to 45 m which make the Red Sea an ideal place for scuba divers & as well as the underwater photographers & videographers.

Also, it has to be noted that the Red Sea contains the largest collection of sea life, incl. hard & soft corals, marine life & a lot of shipwrecks.
One of the most magnificent features of the Red Sea, are its beautiful coral reefs and to be more precisely, their skeletons, which are the main components of which the reefs are built.
Different kinds of corals exist in different areas of the reef, the distribution of corals & their stunning colours is breath-taking for all the divers. It’s the home of more than 300 coral species and more than 1000 fish species.


Red Sea Grand Tour Itinerary

(Brothers, Deadalus, Rocky, Zabargad & St.John)

On this seven nights itinerary we shall be diving the highlights dive sites in the Egyptian Red Sea water, including the four offshore islands in just seven nights without missing any day dives is a stunning choice.

Day 1 Port Ghalib – Embarkation
Day 2 Check dive at Shouna, 2nd & 3rd dive at Elphintone. Sailing at night to Brothers Islands
Day 3 Morning dive, 2nd & 3rd dives at Big & Small Brothers. Sailing at night to Deadalus.
Day 4 Morning dive, 2nd & 3rd dives at Deadalus reef & overnight.
Day 5 Morning dive, 2nd & 3rd dives at Deadalus reef & sailing at night to Rocky Island
Day 6 Morning dive & 2nd dives at Rocky Island, sailing to Zabargad Island for 3rd dive. Sailing to St.John for Night dive
Day 7 Morning & 2nd dives at St.Jhon . Sailing to Port Ghalib
Day 8 Port Ghalib – Dis-Embarkation

Egypt / Sudan Border Itinerary

(Elba Reef)

Be ready to explore the area that has been untouched and have never seen mass diving tourism before. Technically in the northern Part of Sudan, at the border to Egypt the area features three reefs that we call the Elba Region. Huge coral fans are at the edge of the plateau. Quite often you can spot some big pelagics here, such as grey reef sharks and even hammerheads.
The eastern reef of the Elba region is going to surprise you with the wreck of Levanzo. It might be a bit challenging as a dive, the wreck starts with its propeller at 22 meters, the broben part is at 40th and the maximum depth is 65 m.

Day 1 Port Ghalib ( Embarkation )
Day 2 Shouna for check dive, Elphinstone for 2nd & 3rd dives , sailing to St.John
Day 3 Diving St.John the whole day, sailing at night to Elba
Day 4 Diving the whole day at Elba reef & night dive
Day 5 Diving the whole day at Elba reef & night dive
Day 6 Diving the whole day at Elba reef, sailing at night to St.John
Day 7 St.John for two dives, Saling to Port Ghalib
Day 8 Port Ghalib ( Dis-Embarkation )

Important notes:

  • This itinerary has been specifically tailored for serious divers who want to enjoy the key reefs of the Red Sea in 🇪🇬 Egypt with no traffic as was the case in the early 1980s, providing ideal underwater atmosphere for all types of divers particularly for underwater 📹 videographer & 📷 photographers

  • The distance of this itinerary is 600 Nautical Miles

  • Part of Elba reef is in the 🇸🇩 Sudanese water

  • Special permission have been granted to us from the 🇪🇬 Egyptian Navy to dive this pristine reefs & remote dive sites which are completely untouched

  • During this itinerary we’ll be diving & exploring the famous untouched and amazing 🇮🇹 Italian 113 m length Levanzo wreck, built in March 1901 and sunk in 14th March 1923, lay on one of the beautiful Elba reef at 22 m up to 75 m depth

  • This itinerary is reserved for experience divers with minimum 📘 50 dives logged


TOP Dive Sites

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St. John’s

Brothers Islands

Daedalus Reef

Elba Reef

Levanzo Wreck

Rocky Island

Zabargad Island

Frequently Asked Questions

All visitors to Egypt require tourist VISA, which is valid for one month from the day it was issued. The average cost for a tourist VISA is $25 US dollars and can be purchased at the airport upon arrival.

Check with your local travel agencies and tour operators for a tourist VISA. If you do not get a visa before arriving in Egypt, you can buy it inside the airport upon arrival.

Most businesses and banks accept any currency however, the exchange rates may vary. Travelers checks are not widely accepted and may be difficult to cash. Exchange rates may vary. Exchange offices typically offer better exchange rates.

The atmosphere on board the Royal Evolution is always relaxed and casual. You’ll spend your days in bathing suits and casual wear. Bring shorts or jeans, T-shirts and a windbreaker. Also bring a hat, suntan lotion (non-oil) and sunglasses. In winter, a sweatshirt or sweater is advisable.

We serve three gourmet meals a day. Snacks and fresh fruits are always available. A selection of beverages is always on hand, from soft drinks and juices, to beer, wine and rum drinks.

The Royal Evolution has standard 220 volt electricity. Charging stations will accommodate European and U.S. guests with 110 volt electricity sockets.

🇺🇸 English and 🇩🇪 German.

You’ll have connection most of the time apart from the remote location when we sail far from the shoreline.

Yes, please note that all the participants joining any itineraries/trips which include any of the offshore islands, must be at least advanced divers certified with a minimum of 50 Dives logged on their logbook.

Currently there are two full service hyperbaric chambers located in Hurghada that are prepared to manage diving-related accidents. In addition there are chambers in Sharm el Sheikh, El Gouna and Marsa Alam.

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