Diving Area

The Royal Evolution offers an extended diving services, your diving safety is assured under the guiding of a very professional & experienced three Diving Instructors and very competent crew.

28 diving lockers on the diving area, each guest has his own individual diving locker as a storage facility for his personnel equipments.

Camera station with 3 racks for storage and maintenance for underwater photography & video equipments, equipped by two air guns for drying.

Equipment & Rentals

Nitrox fills & specialties courses are also available.

One Bauer HP compressor with 475 L/min delivery & Two Coltrisub HP compressors with 265 L/min each to insure filling all the tanks on the right time between dives, along with Two NRC, LP compressors for 32% Nitrox fills with 800 L/min delivery, backed up by Coltrisub LP compressor with 500 L/min delivery & can fill up to 40% Nitrox fills.

For 📷 Photographers & 📹 Videogragher courses and camera rental are also available on board, in addition the photo-pro onboard produce a custom made video with the diving highlights to take home.

For Technical & rebreather divers a Booster Pump is available connected to a Trimix & O2 filling panel for Technical Diving.

A full range of technical facilities are available onboard, from advanced Nitrox to Trimix & Rebreather fills.

Diving Platform

Diving platform is at water level to insure the maximum possible safety to get in & out the water/tenders, equipped with :

  • 4 X hand held showers
  • 2 X fresh water rinsing tank for washing dive gear, cameras & torches

Charging Station

Charging station is located at the entrance of the lounge to insure the maximum equipments safety while sailing at night, each guests has his own charging locker equipped with two electric plugs (220V & 110V) 2 pins European socket.

Safety is an absolute priority at all times…

Dive Briefing

We conduct a detailed dive safety briefing upon embarkation as well with a short dive briefing with white-board diagrams before each dive. Here the dive master will explain the site’s dive strategy and highlight the points of interest of that particular dive. The buddy-system is obligatory. A 60-minute maximum dive time is enforced.

Dive Practices

It is imperative that we maintain safe diving practices within the recreational diving limits.

Decompression dives are not permitted and a maximum depth of 40 meters is imposed.

To increase safety and bottom time while maintaining safe non-decompression dives, the use of Nitrox becomes essential.

DAN O2 Emergency kits, AED, O2 bank tanks as well O2 rebreather “ Wenoll” are also available onboard.

Nautilus Lifeline GPS & Safety kit

We provide all guests with our Safety Kit that includes an extra-large orange dive sausage, a powerful storm whistle and a sun mirror.

We also provide the Nautilus Lifeline to all passengers, the units will be attached to each diver’s BCD. When activated, the alarm is triggered onboard our vessel and the specific coordinates of the diver’s location are communicated. The Lifeline automatically communicates not just with our own vessels, but with every modern marine VHF radio within a 12-mile range.

These units also transmit the Marine International Distress, this is a revolutionary diver locator device: it has taken existing technology (VHF radio GPS) and custom-designed it specifically for scuba divers.

Rental Gear

We provide 12L Tank along with the weight & weight belt along with the Safety kit & Nautilus Life Line GPS, you will find onboard six full dive equipments available for rent should you decide to travel light or in case unfortunate loss of dive bag before your trip, as well some dive essential spare such LP, HP & power inflator hoses, mouth peaces, etc…

Rental Prices