Stateroom Orientations

  • A staff member will show you to your stateroom and provide an orientation including:

  • Pointing out smoke detectors

  • Showing the main escape route and explain how to Muster Station

  • Showing the secondary escape route including watertight doors or escape hatches

  • Showing where the two nearest fire extinguishers are and instructions on how to use them

  • When the Welcome briefing will be held

  • The safety systems presented will be reviewed again in the Welcome Briefing

Battery Charging

  • No charging of personal electronics in staterooms when unoccupied

  • Staff will unplug any devices they find plugged in when servicing your stateroom

  • Only charge camera equipment at designated charging stations and not in your stateroom

  • Only charge Lithium-ion batteries at outside charging stations and not inside the cabins

  • All charging stations will be unplugged when guests go to bed

Life Jackets

  • Are located in vour stateroom

  • Each Muster Station has extras

  • If alarm sounds – do not return to your stateroom. Use a Muster Station extra!


  • Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas

  • Smoking Area: at the rear of the shaded cocktail deck

Night Safety Watch

  • Night Safety Watch is a staff member or on-duty night watchman awake and performing duties while others sleep from 10 pm to 6 am

  • If the yacht is travelling at night, then several staff members are up driving and walking around checking systems throughout the yacht

  • Night Safety Watch Duties Include:

  • Conducting regular rounds throughout the yacht

  • Monitoring yacht systems and anchorage

  • Ensuing all charging stations are unplugged

  • Ensuring all emergency exits are accessible

Safety is our priority

If something feels wrong,

Don't Wait!

Tell one of the staff immediately!